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Hi everybody. New on here and looking for a bit of advice. 2010 Civic Type S 2.2.

Had air con problems for a while, various garages have regassed, changed a couple of valves, but recently it's never been anywhere near effective except in short bursts.

I'm told it's not losing gas.

Latest diagnosis I've been given is that it may be a problem in the 'air mix control motor circuit', meaning dashboard out for a start, then I fear probably more hit and miss remedies.

Given the age and value of the car (135k miles) it may be time to say goodbye - a shame as it's the best car we've ever had and otherwise an awesome vehicle for us. Hoping somebody can say there's something else obvious - and economical - that we've missed!

Any advice really appreciated - even if it's confirmation that the end is nigh...
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