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Hi all, new to the forum, hopefully its as good as my old workhorse of a civic - 1998 1.5 v-tec. 150k miles and still running sweet ! Not sure of the forum etiquette, seems a bit shabby to dive right in with a question, please tell me what else I should do apart from introducing myself.....

I am looking for a photo or description of the blue 5 pin plug for checking the abs warning light codes. Way back in Sept 12 Rissy-McG explained this with a photo on the forum, but the photo isn't available anymore. Apparently you short out pins 3 and 5, but I need to know which way up / which colours to short out 'cos sods law I'll do the wrong two and fry something !
I have the 5 following striped cables; black/ brown, red/ white, white/blue, blue/green, and a purple.

So I think it's either the black/brown and white/blue, or white/blue and purple ?

Can anyone help ?

Many thanks, jeff
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