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Hi All!

My Uncle has recently bought a 1.6 i-DTEC Civic. I think it's a smart looking car, with decent build quality and am considering one as my next car. I currently drive a 250hp petrol car, and as such fuel is costing me a fortune now! I feel I can't enjoy it properly without worrying about how much it'll sting me at the pump at the end of the week. :cry:

I am pretty car savvy. I can do a fair amount of repair work / servicing myself if required.

I am trying to gauge as to what they are like reliability wise, but haven't found much out yet.

  1. Are they good mile munchers?
  2. Do you know what are typical failures of them and how they can be mitigated?
  3. Are they sensitive to oil change schedules? (Such as needing them more frequent than the schedule states?)
  4. Are DPF's a nightmare on them? (I do 14k miles a year half motorway and half A/B roads).
  5. Are the timing chains reliable on them? Has there been cases of failures of them at all?

Thanks in advance for any information you give! I really want to make the right choice and get a car that'll just go on for a long time if I keep up a good service routine on it. 😀

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