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Seeing as the same questions pop up all the time I decided to start this as an easy reference for 7th gen owners. I'll add to it as and when I have time (I know theres a lot to get in but this is at least a start) but in the meantime anyone with decent info (especially for coupe or hybrid models) feel free to post and I'll add it in.



Body code
Build origin
Grade code & chassis number


Trim level
Type-S or Sport?
What engine?
Colours and codes


What is my 0-60mph time?
What is my insurance group?


-Brake fluid
-Spark plugs
-Transmission fluid
Known faults
Part numbers and drawings
Service manual
Service schedule
Wheels and tyres


What body parts can I mix?
Installation manuals


Body Code

The following body codes apply regardless of trim level:

3 Door

EP1 - 1.4
EP2 - 1.6
EP3 - 2.0 Type R
EP4 - 1.7 CDTi

5 Door

EU6 - 1.4
EU8 - 1.6
EU9 - 1.7 CDTi
EV1 - 2.0 Type S


EM2 - 1.7 Coupe
ES9 - 1.3 Hybrid

Build Origin

For the vast majority of us this isn't an issue as it will be Swindon built however if you are driving an early pre-facelift model you may have a Japanese built model (some 5 door production was based in Swindon until it became the sole worldwide producer of Civics in 2002) which will have very slight differences making part replacement an occasionally painful experience.

In order to identify your manufacturing origin you simply check the first two letters of your chassis number.

JH - Japanese built
SH - Swindon built

Grade Code and Chassis Number

The grade code refers to the intended market area of the car, different areas have different chassis options (and by extension different part options available).

Listed as code, chassis number range and countries covered.

IN - MHRES16203J3J000001-3J499999 - IN
KE - SHHEP33503U3U100001-3U399999 - UK
KH - JHMES86803S3S200001-3S999999 - CHINA, TAIWAN
KN - JHMES86203S3S200001-3S399999 - SOUTH AFRICA
KQ - MRHES16503P3P040001-3P049999 - AUSTRALIA, NEW ZEALAND
KR - SHHEP33503U3U100001-3U399999 - RUSSIA, TURKEY
KS - SHHEP13403U3U100001-3U999999 - SWEDEN
MA - ES3 50500001-599999 - MA
PA - NFBES86B*3R3R100001-3R999999 - PA
PH - PADES86303V3V200001-3V999999 - PH
TR - NLAES66903W3W210001-3W219999 - TR


Trim Level

The 7th gen had the following standard trim levels - S, SE and SE Executive whilst the 3 door 1.6 also came in a Type R style Sport trim. There are many other special edition trims such as Imagine, Max and Vision however I'm not sure at this time what these allude to if anything (probably end of line extras)

It should also be noted that the Type R had air conditioning as an option whilst it was standard across the rest of the range.


As above, the Sport is a Type-R style trim option on the 1.6 EP2 (3 door) and the Type-S is the 2.0 EV1 (5 door). Also (confusingly) the base model of all EP/EU styles recieves the 'S' designation. Perhaps less confusingly the S-Type is a car made by Jaguar. Crystal?

What Engine?


1.3 - LDA - 94hp, 123Nm, SOHC, iDSI +3 stage iVTEC (Hybrid)
1.4 - D14Z5 - 90hp, 130Nm, SOHC (5 door)
1.4 - D14Z6 - 90hp, 130Nm, SOHC (3 door)
1.6 - D16V1 - 110hp, 152Nm, SOHC, VTEC* (3 door)
1.6 - D16W7 - 110hp, 152Nm, SOHC, VTEC* (5 door)
1.7 - D17A9 - 123hp, 154Nm, SOHC, VTEC* (Coupe)
2.0 - K20A - 212hp, 202Nm, DOHC, iVTEC (Type R, JDM)
2.0 - K20A2 - 197hp, 193Nm, DOHC, iVTEC (Type R)
2.0 - K20A3 - 160hp, 188Nm, DOHC, iVTEC* (Type S)

*VTEC on inlet cams only


1.7 - Isuzu 4EE2 (modified) CDTi - 101hp, 220Nm, DOHC with Garret GT1749V (Variable Vane) turbocharger


1.3 - LDA1 - 85hp, 118Nm, SOHC, +3 stage iVTEC
Brushless motor, assist and regenerative braking - 13hp
Combined power - 93hp, max torque 157Nm (manual) / 142Nm (auto)

Colours and Codes

B92P - Nighthawk Black Pearl
B94 - Midnight Blue
B96P - Eternal Blue Pearl
B99P - Atlantic Blue Pearl
B512M - Magnetic Blue
B520P - Vivid Blue Pearl
BG51M - Fluorite Silver
G95P - Clover Green Pearl
G502M - Aqua Green
G503P - Amazon Green
G511M - Galapagos Green
G517M - Cool Jade Silver
GY23M - Muscat Silver
NH0 - Championship White
NH578 - Taffeta White
NH623M - Satin Silver Metallic
NH674P - Cosmic Grey Pearl
NH675M - Magnesium Metallic
R81 - Milano Red
R502 - Vesuvio Red
R504P - Ruby Red
R517P - Chianti Red
R518P - Radiant Ruby
Y62P - Corona Gold
YR528M - Shoreline Mist Metallic

If you're unsure of which yours is, the colour code should be on the chassis plate on-top of the nearside front strut tower.


What's My 0-60 Time?

Due to the huge list and amount of variables I'll just link this to Parkers for the time being, firstly Type R, Hybrid, Coupe and finally all other models.

What's My Insurance Group?

Due to the huge list and amount of variables I'll just link this to Parkers for teh time being, firstly Type R, Hybrid, Coupe and finally all other models

Please note groupings are based on the new system.



Brake fluid
Spark plugs
Transmission fluid

Brake Fluid

DOT3 or DOT4 only (Dot 5.1 is also compatible and is a better fluid overall)



Headlight - Pre-facelift - H4 - 60/55W
Dipped beam - Facelift - H1 or HB4 - 51W
Main beam - Facelift - HB3 - 60W
Sidelight - Push fit - 501 - 5W
Front indicator - Pre-facelift - Bayonet - 21W
Front Indicator - Facelift - Push fit - 21W
Side indicator - Push fit - 5W
Front foglight - H11 - 55W
Stop/tail light - Bayonet - 21/5W
High level stop light - Push fit - 5W
Rear indicator - Pre-facelift - Bayonet - 21W
Rear indicator - Facelift - Push fit - 21W
Reversing Light - Bayonet - 21W
Rear foglight - Bayonet - 21W
Number plate - Push fit - 501 - 5W
Courtesy light (front) - Push fit - 5W
Courtesy light (centre) - Festoon - 8W
Map reading lights - Push fit or bayonet - 5W or 8W
Boot light - Push fit - 5W
Glovebox light - Festoon - 3.4W


Honda All Season Antifreeze / Coolant Type 2 (50/50 antifreeze/water mix)

1.4/1.6/1.7 with 5 speed manual - 4.0l (0.88 Imp gal / 1.06 US gal)
1.4/1.6/1.7 with automatic - 3.9l (0.86 Imp gal / 1.03 US gal)
1.7 Diesel - 7.13l (1.569 Imp gal / 1.884 US gal)


Petrol - API Service SG,SH or SJ
Diesel - ACEA B-3

1.4/1.6/1.7/2.0 - Honda HFE-20 (0W-20) - 3.2l (2.8 Imp qt / 3.4 US qt)
2.0 Type-R - Honda HFS (5W-40)
1.7 Diesel - Honda HFS (5W-40) - 5.0l (4.4 Imp qt / 5.3 US qt)
IMA / Hybrid - Honda Green Oil

Aus/RSA 1.7 SOHC VTEC w/aluminium oil pan - 3.5l (3.1 Imp qt / 3.7 US qt)

Spark plugs

Normal conditions:

1.4/1.6 - NGK ZFR5J-11 / Denso KJ16CR-L11
1.7 - NGK ZFR6J-11 / Denso KJ20CR-L11
2.0 - NGK ZFR6K-11 / Denso KJ20DR-M11

1.6 KY model - NGK BKR6E-N-11 / Denso K20PR-L11

Hot climate or continuous high speed driving:

1.4/1.6 - NGK ZFR6J-11 / Denso KJ20CR-L11
1.7 - NGK ZFR7J-11 / Denso KJ22CR-L11

1.6 KY model - NGK BKR7E-N-11 / Denso K22PR-L11

Spark Plug Gap - 1.1mm (0.04 in) +0mm -0.1mm

Transmission fluid

Automatic - Honda ATF-Z1 (DEXRON III may be used as a temporary solution only)
Manual - Honda MTF (10W-30 or 10W-40 API Service SG, Sh or SJ motor oil may be used as a temporary solution only)

Known Issues

I'll try and list all widely reported faults here, if anyone has any further info or advice I'd appreciate your input. If you are suffering any of these faults and recently bought the car from a dealer (but not via auction) you may be covered under warranty or the Sales of Goods Act 1979 however you MUST bring it to their attention as soon as possible. I would recommend speaking to consumer advice in any case.

Camshaft Sensor

Affects diesel engined models

Engine will randomly cut out or refuse to start when hot, no engine warning light instead glow plug light comes on when driving. Is also accompanied by error codes ........ Realtively cheap fix at around £70 for a new sensor plus labour although it can easily be replaced with minimal tools.

Input shaft / clutch release bearing

Affects 1.4 and 1.6 engine models

1.4 and 1.6 engines are equipped with gearboxes which are prone to failure on the input shaft / clutch release bearing. Whilst the bearing itself is relatively inexpensive the labour involved brings the cost of repair up to around £1000 at Honda or roughly half that at a decent transmission specialist.

Recommended by our members: (ask for Simon)

Steering Rack

Affects all EP/EU/EV models

The electic steering rack is prone to age related failure. Rack failure is gradual and results in heavier steering, there are no user servicable parts within the assembly and although one forum member has tried extensively to refurbish a rack assembly he was unsuccessful in doing so. Some members have reported improvement after spraying electrical contact cleaner under the rubber boot onto the torque sensor however this may be a seperate issue. Replacement racks cost in the region of £1000 fitted by Honda or around £500 for the rack on its own.


Affects diesel engined models

The turbocharger is prone to vane failure due to soot buildup. This is thought to be a combination of an overspecced turbocharger, contamination from the exhaust gas recirculation system and driving at low revs for extended periods. The failure is usually apparant when engine management systems force the car into "safe" mode (revs limited to ~2000rpm and power restricted)and an ECU code will be generated describing actuator failure of some description. Replacement turbochargers cost in the region of £300 + labour and it is believed that later models have been redesigned to overcome this problem although this hasn't been substantiated as yet. It is also possible to strip and overhaul the turbocharger yourself provided you have access to suitable facilities for cleaning the assembly without damaging components.

Part Numbers and Drawings

There are two options, if you are after a quick and easy check with all the drawings in one place then Lings is your best bet. Just put your registration or VIN in and you're good to go (alternatively you can search by year, model etc). At the moment you can bypass their proprietary part numbering system by deleting the _pfk portion of the URL once you're in a drawing page. If you have done it right you will see the part numbers no longer start with PFKL and will be normal Honda format parts numbers.

Your second option is Japancars. First thing you will obviously notice is that it is in Russian however I have prepared a guide below that will steer you through. You can either input your VIN or select by model and year etc. Once you have gone through that part the catalogue is in English and it's fairly smooth sailing once you find your drawing through the menu system. One major advantage of this site is that the drawings are listed by their official numbers (B-3, E-24 etc.) making line tracing across multiple drawings a lot easier. The official part numbers are also displayed so a quick cross check with Lings will give you the price for the part as well so you know what to expect when you order (just make sure you ask for the price with VAT as dealers can be very good at "forgetting" then treating you like an idiot when it comes to the payment). This site is also useful for finding otherwise untraceable parts which Lings don't list such as auxy belts that don't include a loop for an aircon system (if you want to delete yours).

This image has been resized. Click this bar to view the full image.
Report this image

Service manual?

Here -

Service schedule

Should be completed whichever instance (distance / time) comes first.

1.7 CDTi

9k / 12 months - Replace engine oil & filter, replace pollen filters, drain fuel filter pot
18k / 24 months - Replace fuel filter, inspect & adjust aux belt
27k / 36 months - Replace brake fluid, replace air filter
45k / 60 months - Replace engine coolant
54k / 72 months - Inspect valve clearances
72k / 96 months - Replace transmission fluid (MT)
90k / 120 months - Replace timing & aux belts, inspect water pump

Wheels and Tyres

All EP/EU/EV shapes:

Snow Chains

14"/15" - RUD starmatic 49779 or equivalent

If you have replaced original 14" standard tyres with 15" you cannot install any type of tyre chain (original tyre information found on drivers door jamb label)


185/70R14 88H
195/60R15 88H

Space saver

T125/70D15 95M - max load rating: 690kg, load index: 95, speed category: M, equivelant speed: 130km/h

Tyre Pressures

The following is only a guide taken from the EU9, the correct pressures should be found on the drivers door jamb at the lock catch.

(Front / Rear)

Normal use - 34psi (2.3bar) / 30psi (2.1bar)
Fully loaded - 35psi (2.4bar) / 32psi (2.2bar)
Towing - 35psi (2.4bar) / 38psi (2.6bar)

Space saver - 61psi (4.2bar)


5x114.3 or 4x100 stud pattern
14" 5.5J or JJ
15" 6J or JJ
16" 7J
Offset - ET45


Can I mix these body parts?

There are differences between EP and EU/EV shapes that allow the mixing of some body parts but not others. Same applies to pre-facelift and facelift. This guide relates to body fitment only, other alterations may be necessary as noted.

Bonnet - EP/EU/EV universal
Bumper, front - EP/EU/EV universal
Bumper, rear -
EP - pre-facelift and facelift only interchangeable in conjunction with rear lights, EP specific
EU/EV - pre-facelift or facelift specific
Grille - EP/EU/EV universal, pre-facelift or facelift bumper specific (pre-facelift "blade" style requires cutting to fit grille)
Lights, fog - EP/EU/EV universal, pre-facelift or facelift specific
Lights, front - EP/EU/EV universal, rewiring will be required when swapping between H1, HB3 and H4 types.
Lights, rear -
EP - pre-facelift and facelift only interchangeable in conjunction with rear bumper, EP specific
EU/EV - pre-facelift or facelift specific
Skirts - EP or EU specific, no difference across facelift
Spoiler, bumper, front - EP/EU/EV universal, pre-facelift or facelift specific
Spoiler, bumper, rear - EP specific, unknown across facelift
Spoiler, tailgate - EP3, EP1,2,4 or EU/EV specific, no difference across facelift. EP3 spoiler can be adapted to fit other EP models.
Tailgate - EP or EU/EV specific, EU/EV tailgates come either with or without spoiler fittings, make sure you get the correct type.
Wheels - interchangeable with corresponding stud pattern

Thanks to:

Honda Civic Forum & The Honda Forum for hosting
Scooby Towers, Old Cruiser and countless others for sharing info and knowledge for the benefit of the Honda community

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To do list

Service Schedules
Torque settings
Complete wheels & tyres (EP, EM, ES9/ IMA owners!)
Special editions


Known faults
Trawl through owners manual for bumf
Diesel oil weight confirmed


Require clarification on whether rear lights are bumper specific on EP's and whether the rear EP bumper spoiler is different across facelift.
Require clarification on what year Jap built 5 Door 1.6 EU6 come with a D16W7 as there are 2 versions with different power outputs. (thefatboy)
If anyone has anything they would like to add please continue to do so, especially EM2 and FD3/ IMA owners!

Anyone with an owners manual or official part fitting guide you are willing to lend me for more info - please do or feel free to post up or email me contributions. Any and all info will be accepted gladly. Although this is primarily a UKDM FAQ JDM, EUDM & USDM info will be more than welcome. I'm doing this on my own but it's not a me thing, the more contributers this gets the better it will be...



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Hi to All,

I am Neteagle from Italy, I have a Civic 7 1.6 VTEC 5p (2002).
Thanks for your info that can help me to know better my Civic!

In these days I found a person that sell some parts of a Civic 7 TypeR (2004): Brake disks, shock absorber springs, ...
Please can you help me!
Can this parts be mounted on my car without large modfications?

Thanks in advance.

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Great post, will bookmark this for future reference.

Have had my 1.7 ctdi for a few months now but before I upgrade the performance I would like to upgrade the suspension and wheels etc.

Do you have any idea on how compatible the brakes and suspension are with other cars of this shape. (ep2, ep3, type s etc.) Would need to upgrade this prior to doing anything else. It handles like a cruise ship.

Any help greatly appreciated thanks

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fantstic post, but i have a quick question,,,,, my vin starts with shheu7. i noticed on the original post it skips from 6 to 8 ???? confused i am.

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Hi, can anyone help. I have a 55 plate Honda Civic Sport in silver. This is one of the last of the line. I had my wing mirror smashed off by another motorist and I cannot find another anywhere. The mirror is silver, electronic, heated and has an in built indicator. There are plenty without but none with. The places I have contacted try to tell me that this model does not have an indicator but this is a factor fit. Does anybody know where I can get one from or if this mirror is available on a different model Honda???

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power steering fluid

No fluid, it's a fully electric rack.

You'll find a mirror on ebay, just keep looking, I managed to get one eventually.
My 2002 civic coupe 1.7 (EM2?) vtec definitely has power steering fluid Reservoir. Can anyone tell me what spec fluid I should top it up with?

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ATF-Z1 was the specified fluid for the automatic transmission unit of my car which is a 1600cc 2005 Civic de-luxe. ATF-Z1 has been updated to ATF-DW1. The capacity is 2.7 litres of which about 2.25ltrs will drain if the front is on ramps. Warm by running car first but be careful when removing the drain plug as fluid comes out fast and could scald you. Clean mettalic residues from magnetic drain plug. Replace with 2.5ltr will take it up to the top mark on dipstick. 1st change 60K miles or 6yrs (whichever is the sooner). Thereafter 30K or 6 years. The old flud should be clean and not have a burnt smell.
Talk of being able to drain only 50% of he fluid and doing another 50% after a few more miles covered to flush and ensure substantial replacement of the fluid did not apply in my experience.

This change of spec and the refill procedure doesn't seem to have been covered by the Forum and I confess it confused me for a while. DW1 is miscible with Z1 and appears to be the same in viscosity & colour. My understanding is that it is now synthetic or partly so.

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Hi, good helpful post but for the life of me i cant get the link for manuals to connect it comes up "refused to connect" can you check the link is correct? or point me to where
i can get access to a workshop man for the 2l type S on a 55 plate thanks

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Hi, can anyone help. I have a 55 plate Honda Civic Sport in silver. This is one of the last of the line. I had my wing mirror smashed off by another motorist and I cannot find another anywhere. The mirror is silver, electronic, heated and has an in built indicator. There are plenty without but none with. The places I have contacted try to tell me that this model does not have an indicator but this is a factor fit. Does anybody know where I can get one from or if this mirror is available on a different model Honda???
The type s (EV) has the indicator and electric headed too try that one not sure of the part number but my 04 type s had them and my 55 ep2 has them too 😜
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