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New to the 6th gen. & turbos. used to own a 7th gen. EX But it was totaled and I had just mock fitted the side skirts; they were going on the following day. Lots of time and money spent on and in that car. Lot of cuts and sores too, but I loved her...wife actually cried when she seen the totaled condition. 11-16-2016 RIP

Anyway, decided I wanted another Civic and this one was too good for me to pass up. Anyone recognize it, might stand out with that paint job? I’m pretty sure it was owned by someone in Missouri. Was told the owner who had done the work had roughly 20 grand invested...looks like it.

Here’s the major upgrades/info:

100,001k miles on the clock
Greddy turbo (will update once I know which one)
Edelbrock intake
Not sure which header or exhaust but exhaust is a single to duel, double split tip.
Forgot to check the suspension...was a lot to look at.
Msd ignition
Upgraded injectors (not sure what cc yet)
Carbon fiber hood
Rear spoiler
Body kit
Cold air intake
Performance rims & tires
Boost & MAF gauges
Etc., etc.
tinted windows all the way around
custom paint job
Interior stock aside from stereo, but clean.
Automatic blah, blah, blah
Stack of paperwork, receipts, etc.

Didn’t see any rear camber upgrades, but has a rear stabilizer bar mounted in the trunk.

turbo lags pretty bad as does the initial acceleration of the car, pretty much hesitant. However, when car finally decides to go which is usually around 10mph, the turbo then does decide it’s ready to produce boost and really, really picks up fast, makes you want to lift your foot off the accelerator as 60mph comes up fast as you pick up speed really quick.

Unfortunately, then the car will backfire, and you lose momentum until the boost kicks in again. The backfire is not too bad bear in mind, but considering I’m only pushing the accelerator down about a 1/4 to 1/3 of the way I can only imagine what it might do if floored? I predict it would either stall out or the backfire would be much much worse. I’m currently leaning towards a timing issue, fuel to air issue, fuel pressure issue and wiring issue(s) and/or all the above.

Was told the alarm went off on the car one day and he wasn’t able to turn it off. I guess disconnecting the battery hadn’t crossed his mind. Anyway, instead his mechanic came over and removed the system whereas some wiring was located in the ignition cover/box. However, after removing said wiring and all the stuff to the alarm system, the to gauges (boost & MAF) no longer work.

I don’t know much more about the car at this time as I’ve yet to bring the car home...but will do so next week and will make posts as I do my normal diagnostic run down...compression test, check spark plugs and wires/packs. I don’t recall seeing an engine light or any warning lights for that matter. But will still run and OBD II test with my VCDS. Wish VCDS could do for my civic what it can for my other car. And I’ll check for power to packs/wires, fuses etc. Probably check all the fuses as well.

Can anyone point me in the right direction? Any advice, blow off valve maybe? Anything to get me started and thinking.
What software is generally used to tune these cars?

Just a reminder, am new to turbo’s but know my way around an engine, tranny all that fun stuff. Pick up on things fairly quick. Would really love to get this car running right...I know it’ll be a lot of fun and fast. And of course the 6th & 7th gen are a lot alike aside from the motor and possible engine upgrades.

Thank you to any and all for any help.

Worse case scenario, take the turbo off and buy the stock intake, header, down pipe, ecu and injectors and basically, start from scratch. On a lighter note, if I told you how much I paid for it, everyone would most likely cry.

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