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That’s right, after waiting for years Jay Leno has finally got his hands on an Acura NSX. Coming to you from Jay Leno’s Garage is a walk around of the car with lead designer Michelle Christensen and project manager Ted Klaus. This is where they go through the design with a fine toothed comb.

Here’s a few key points to take away from it:

• Changing from a V10 to a twin-turbo V6 hybrid required an increase in airflow towards the engine and this need resulted in a body that directs air into two large intakes located right behind the driver door. Instead of simply directing the air to pass over the car, the design team decided to create surfaces that weaves in and out of itself to direct the airflow around the body and into the side intakes.

• Oddly enough they won’t release the drag coefficient even though so much thought was put into the NSX’s body and how the air would react to it. By taking air in through the vehicle the drag is actually increased but they efficiently take the air back out to not only cool the engine, but to actually provide critical downforce to keep your NSX planted on the ground.

• As for the rest of the body, Acura’s design team tried to retain as much visual cues from the old NSX as possible while meeting the current regulations and technical needs. Did they accomplish this? We’ll leave that up to your judgement.

• What’s cool is that they added a Center High-Mount Stop Light (CHMSL) right under the roof.

• Also of note is the thought that went into even the tiniest details like the side view mirror. Because the car is low, the mirror had to
be larger to see past the rear fender but even with a larger mirror you can still see the side intake and fender in it.

• Most of you probably won’t care all that much but the NSX does have the largest trunk of its class.

• The spoiler is not a necessary piece since the base shape of the trunk will give the NSX just the right amount of downforce.

• If you want to show off those NSX intakes, all the mesh, performance elements, carbon fiber roof, etc. It’s best to go for a lighter color because you won’t see the contrast in something dark like black.

So how does it drive?

You’ll have a choice of three driving modes. Quiet mode closes the exhaust system and the valve in said system for a quieter ride, maximizes the EV driving, and the engine upshifts at 4000rpm for a relaxed cruising feel.

Manual mode for a smooth shifting experience and launch mode for a quick getaway. There isn’t really a button for launch mode but once you get to around 2000rpms the launch mode will ready itself and you’re good to go.

The NSX is good enough for Jay Leno since he’s getting one and it’s worth the 5 year wait.
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