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Hi All,
Hoping someone can offer some advice.
I have a 2014 civic 1.6 dtec and the air con doesn't work.
I have checked and the pump/compressor is not turning (bottom pulley LHS of the engine) when the air con setting is selected. There is no click noise when then selected.
Having researched I can see that a faulty relay is quite a common problem. The trouble is I cannot find which is the correct relay. The underside of the main fuse/relay box in the engine bay does not show which fuse/relay does what- unlike earlier models. According to the manual, none of the relays are listed as being for the air con unit! The fuse board in the drivers foot well has 2 fuses described as ACC according to the manual - are these for the air con unit?

Any advice on which are the correct relays and fuses and how to go about testing and remedying would be greatly appreciated.

The air con was working fine before before the pump stopped working.
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