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With the recent unveiling of the ninth generation Civic in early 2011, there’s was no doubt in our minds that Honda would make the coupe its SEMA star. Among the many other cool packages Honda displayed in Vegas, the Compass360 Racing HPD Civic Si Coupe Racecar sat gleaming in its tri-color scheme.

The work on the Compass360 Racing HPD started earlier this year with the Civic bodies-in-white, a program that offers a significant cost and labor savings to race teams. This program offers teams a bare bones chassis to eliminate the time and money spent on breaking down production models for racing. Sales of the body-in-white shells began in July 2011, and HPD has delivered a number of them to licensed race teams thus far, each priced at $3,500.

Since the program began, the company has been busy working on this Compass360 Racing prototype that provides details on the company’s new racing performance parts program specifically designed for the 2012 Civic. These racing parts are tailored for use in the SCCA World Challenge and Grand Am’s Continental Tire Sports Car Challenge. They will be available early in 2012, and full details and pricing will be released at that time.

Source: TopSpeed


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