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Hoping (praying) someone has had this issue before and knows the answer as I've currently taken this reoccurring issue to 4 garages (one honda direct) and had no luck at all! Car seems to periodically flash up these 4 lights whilst driving and sends car into limp mode, no issues with driving, doesn't sound rough etc.

When I pull over turn the car off and on again it seems to still have the lights but car if now out of limp mode, again driving perfectly fine. I've so far had one garage say it was a fuel pressure sensor gone bad, had it replaced and still came back. I've had another garage look at it twice and thought it may have been a alternator issue but on closer inspection wasn't sure so sent me to honda. Lights had turned off themselves and took it to honda where they said they couldn't see any fault codes as they had gone (surely they are stored?) And said my battery was bad so paid £160 to get this replaced but again had come back again, after driving with it on it turned itself off so thought I'd see how long it would last before it came back. Since had 2 new front tyres and the lights have come back 2 times, the first time I tried to initialise the deflation warning system and it work, but is now stuck the second time and won't allow me to reset it!

Has anyone had these issues before? Driving me mad having to spend some much time and money getting this sorted and even 2 trips to honda and they can't diagnose it!

Apologies for the long post but would appreciate any help! 😃😃😃
I`ve recently had similar problem. Started off with deflation warning light then ABS, Power steering, Handbrake, VSA all coming on and after a while going off. Gradually staying on longer until finally staying on all the time. No effect on performance. Took it to Honda who advised still ok to drive and after two days investigating said it was a faulty wheel speed sensor. Had it replaced and since then all ok (fingers crossed).
As an aside wrote to Honda expressing my disappointment that a three year old car, just out of warranty with only 20500 mils on clock had to have £350 spent on it to resolve the issue. Honda have not even had the courtesy to respond.
Hope my experience helps.
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