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Hey guys,

I'm new here, and looking for a bit of advice. I'm looking to sell my Civic, gutted to be selling but I don't use it anymore as I have a work van I use all the time.

It's a 2012 model, done roughly 83000 miles, and has a few scratches here and there as happens over time and with street parking. Just had a brand new battery put in, and recently had 4 new tyres put on. I've looked on that rip off that is we buy any car and they're offering me £3000 which we know will go down when I take it in. Partial service history and MOT till September.

My problem is I need the quick sale as I don't have time to sell privately but I can't accept £3000 because I just know it is worth more even with the scratches on it.

Anyone here know any good places to sell quick to get a good price? or even if anyone here is interested? Can always send more pictures of it. The pic below is a few years old.
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