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I have a 1.4L 2005 manual petrol Honda Civic that's done 87000 miles. It runs fine, apart from every now and again it'll slip out of 5th gear on the motorway. Doing 70 or 80mph for anything over 30 minutes causes the gear stick to slip into the neutral position. I'll then use the clutch to put the car back into 5th and it runs fine for another 20 minutes or so before slipping back into neutral and so on...

I've read that there's a slim chance that changing the transmission fluid might help. Speaking to a local garage, the mechanic said they'd need to take the car in and take the gear box apart, a big job and about £600 to £700.

Before I bite the bullet, I wanted to get some advice on the best course of action - I don't own enough tools to prop the car myself and change the transmission fluid, but am willing to purchase them and give it a go if there's a chance it'll fix the issue.

Any advice appreciated.

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