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Hi everyone! This is my first post so go easy on me.

I currently have an ES4 and would like to improve the suspension. I know most people will wonder why I may want to put even a small amount of money into such a boring Civic model but I really like it and she has been well looked after. I am very content with the car and I have had the engine checked over including compression test etc...

I have been reading up on all the necessary things required to improve the over all handling charachteristics and coilovers seem to be the right choice for me as I don't want to just slam the car with lowering springs as I want to be able to adjust the damping force etc... Also just to mention I will likely be changing the sway bars and bushings to complement the coilovers.

My current issue is that I cannot determine if the coilovers I want will fit my ES4 although I suspect that they will.

My preferred option: Tein Advance Street Z Coilovers.

The only options I can find so far state that Tein only make these for the the ES1 / ES2 & EP2 EP3... But I suspect that they may very well fit on my ES4.

I am also considering Eibach B12's but they are €850 instead of €550 for the Tein Z's although I know they will fit...

I appreciate any advice I may be given.

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