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Hi there,
I bought a 1400cc civic 3dr (1997, R Reg) this time last year in totally standard and immaculate condition (1 previous 82 year old owner, full service history)

I am a keen mechanic and work for a rallyschool in Gloucestershire (i live in cheltenham), although that is only the odd weekend here and there, i work full time on an arable farm, at the moment!

I love rallying and have competed for the last 3 yaers, driving a 1300cc 106 rallye, and co-driving on 20+events in all sorts of wierd and wonderfull cars (325i BMW, 1000cc micra etc etc)

I am bored of my civic as it is and i'm considering turning it into a decent spec rally car.

now my problems: i have no clue about civic's (or honda's)

I think my model in known as an ek4, but i'm not sure!!

Whats the best place to get parts such as decent:
(mintex, brembo) brakes,
wheels (what wheel offset is my car?)
a decent Stainless straight through exhaust,
engine parts (cams etc)
suspension parts (bushes, dampers, springs etc etc)

all help grately appreciated

Charlie" onclick=";return false;

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Hi mate welcome to the site, Your model isn't the EK4 as the EK4 is the 1.6 VTI model.

For brakes I'd check out these guys, they normally have some great deals for aftermarket brakes" onclick=";return false;

As for an exhaust, depending on your location I'd recommend these guys" onclick=";return false;

I've heard good things about these guys, custom made exhaust's to your spec, the lot.

New cams, depends on your engine type, if its not the VTI model as i suspect then we'd need to know your engine code to help you out more.

Hope this helps a bit mate.
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