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Hi, i used my brothers Mutant (its and mx 2000 or sumet) CD player and well the car came with a cd player connector, i have fitted the cd player with the connector that came with the car but the mutant cd player doesnt work. any ideas, i am going to try a new connector and see what happens but id though to see what you guys think before i go spending money when there may be a fix. thanks

thanks Adrian :mrgreen:


Ok, right i got the new connector and nothing (btw the cd player is a mutant MT2000) however i found a bluapunkt cassett player and it works fine.....ones a 5 amp fuse and the mutant MT2000 is a 10amp fuse. whats the standard fuse size in a 1991-1995 civic hatch, and pluss the fuse in my civic atm is a 15amp one i have no idea whats wrong tbh :(
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