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found this on another site hope its useful to someone :)

Transmission Removal
This post is a step by step tutorial on how to remove a transmission from a 1992-1995 Honda Civic.

Step 1 - Disconnect the battery
Step 2 - Remove the air filter box
Step 3 - Jack up the car and support it on jack stands
Step 4 - Drain the radiator fluid
Step 5 - Remove the radiator with connecting hoses
Step 6 - Remove the distributor
Step 7 - Remove the starter
Step 8 - Disconnect all electrical plugs on the transmission side of the engine
Step 9 - Unbolt the front tires and place them under the car for added safety
Step 10 - Unbolt the clutch slave cylinder from the transmission
Step 11 - Drain the transmission oil
Step 12 - Unscrew the main drive shaft nut on the left and right side of the car
Step 13 - Unscrew the lower ball joint nut and pull the ball joint off the control arm on each side
Step 14 - Remove the left and right drive shaft from the transmission
Step 15 - Unbolt and disconnect the shifter support linkage
Step 16 - Unbolt the 2 rear bottom transmission mount bolts
Step 17 - Unbolt the bottom engine to transmission bolts
Step 18 - Support engine with a floor jack and piece of 2×4 wood
Step 19 - Wrap some rope around the tranny for added support later
Step 20 - Unbolt the rear top transmission mount bolt and the top engine to tranny bolts
Step 21 - Support the tranny with an extra floor jack and then unbolt it.
Step 22 - Grab the tranny and wiggle it left and right to dislodge it of the engine.

Notice: Since this is an advanced job, I would not recommend it to a beginner as there may be some sections that might be too difficult to do for a person with limited knowledge of mechanics. Proceed at your own will. Please have an experienced friend help you out or just get an auto shop do it for you to lessen the chance of injury to yourself and your vehicle.
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