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Hi everyone,
My partners new (to her) Civic Sport, has had its' engine management light come on this evening on her way home.

She tried stopping and resting the car for 10 minutes but no joy, it's still there permanently tasking her.

The car was purchased second hand from a Honda dealership, with a Honda service, and now has 9000 miles on the clock.
she doesn't drive it like a sports car, but she likes the toys that are standard on that mark of car.

The light is orange.

So my questions to those in the know out there are what could be the fault? Does it require immediate Honda help? Does it have to go back to the original dealers? What's the warranty? Is it a known issue? she has had it around 4-5 months from the Honda dealers in Huddersfield or Leeds i think it was.

Many Thanks in advance for your help and possible suggestions
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