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Afternoon all,

Wondering if I could get some insight. I got my Civic last Yr and it seems to have a high number of issues. My alarm kept going off and my collision sensors went bonkers in the rain. Both of these are warranty fixes so its booked in for those.

Today, the washer jets appear to have lost all power. I can hear the pump and I can feel the pipes pulse when the washers are triggered but I'm getting the slightest spray that barely touches the windscreen. It started with the passenger side but its now affecting both sides and I'm getting nothing out of the rear spray. I've checked to see if they're clogged but I cant see anything and a pin doesnt dislodge anything.

I've only ever used premixed screenwash so I don't think its limescale or anything like that.

Has anyone else experienced this? Is this likely to be another warranty fix?

Hope you can help.
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