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As Honda no longer hold stock of these anywhere in Europe, according to my searches, I thought I’d let you know that the GM/Vauxhall spare part works for this just fine.

I’d definitely recommend getting one when you change the alternator, I had a bad leak from the pipe as it was so hard to remove it from the oil return, I damaged it during removal. This part works fine and thankfully (especially with my recent MOT), no more oil leak.

(I removed, had reconditioned by a specialist and replaced the alternator myself, but couldn't face more work under the car with axle stands, so got my usual good garage to fit the pipe for £50, they didn't need to remove too many things to complete the work thankfully - they do have a ramp though.)

I hope this helps some others in need of this part.

About £10 with postage.

SKU: AS97189133
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