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New to this site, looking for some help.
I have built an off road buggy which is up and running as a prototype and I plan to build the frames etc and sell it as a kit car using a honda Jazz as the donor car. The buggy uses the Jazz 1.4 engine and the automatic cvt gearbox (as well as many other parts hubs , brakes, wheels, steering column, etc etc) which works well but could do with more power and my original idea was to get one of the 1.5 vtec engines that is used in the honda fit/ jazz in the usa, but I have since found out that the gearbox used with the 1.5 vtec in a normal auto not the cvt and the ECM for the engine and box is a single unit.
My options are, to some how get the ECM to work with the 1.5 vtec and the CVT auto gearbox.
Get more power from the 1.4 (1339cc) uk jazz engine called the l series which I have already fitted a de cat exhaust and foam air filter." onclick=";return false;
Or is there a civic with cvt drive and more power?
I decided to go with the cvt drive because it puts the power down and goes instead of spinning the tyres which is ideal for off road.
link to video of the buggy" onclick=";return false;
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