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Good day everyone

I know that the 1.4 i-DSI engines are used in some Civics as well, hence this post in this forum.

Background: We bought a 2003 Honda Jazz for my wife in 2014. Excellent vehicle and engine, except that some gremlin kept irritating me: Hesitation in first gear at idling speed. I found it rather inelegant and moderately embarassing when the vehicle starts kangarooing in slow traffic (usually congested, first gear, less than ten miles per hour).

So the investigation began. I made sure that all spark plugs are working & were gapped correctly. No joy. Then I used fuel cleaner to clean the injectors. No joy.

Then things became a bit more invasive. I unplugged the EGR valve one day, and to my surprise, the hesitation stoppped. So I replaced the EGR valve. Whilst I think there was SOME improvement, the problem remained. And so the investigation continued.

One day I stumbled across a post which suggested that carbon build-up around the butterfly may be the cause. I reasoned that this is a cheap fix, so I used some paint thinners and a good clean rag to remove the carbon deposits around the butterfly. Careful not to touch the butterfly and damage the butterfly setting in the process (it is a drive by wire system).

To my surprise, the hesitation stopped. Totally gone! At the same time, the fuel consumption figure improved significantly. I reckon that the butterfly can operate freely at smaller openings now - hence the reduction in fuel consumption.

Good luck; hope this post helps others also.
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