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  1. Want to Buy 2005 Civic Type R

    Hi all, new to the forum, looking for a clean, space grey, unaltered, low mileage type r looking to use as daily driver without fiddling with it as heard they’re fun and reliable, willing to discuss price, although can’t afford mega bucks
    £123 GBP
  2. Engine
    Hello, I’m new here so bare with me. I’m a current owner of an ek3 97 pre facelift civic. I’m going to look at a k20z fn2 engine tomorrow to drop into the ek. Anybody have any tips/pointers to look out for. Also looking to know what type of management I need to run the k20z in my ek3. thanks
  3. Engine
    Hi guys I’ve just purchased a type r ep3 a few weeks ago. the car is on 78k with full service history I’ve been noticing a noise on a cold start up for a split second when the car has been sitting awhile. (Doesn’t happen every cold start up , maybe 1 in 6/7). I’ve replaced the starter motor...
  4. Lighting & Electronics
    Evening all, I'm going to look at a type r ep3 tomorrow, however it has the electrical fault listed in the title. The alarm doesn't go off when the bonnet is cocked open from the car, but only when it is actually lifted up. The current owner says this is what happened: "Sorry I locked it...
  5. Braking
    Hi! I have a 2004 Honda Civic Ep2 up for breaking. Absolutely everything is available! All standard parts, no modifications at all. 07443866501 call for more information ☺️
  6. Honda Civic Discussion
    I brought a 2004 Civic EP2 it’s been great until a few days ago.. When accelerating it lags.. it sort of feels like the tyres are spinning but they’re not. Anyways, it’s been doing this for a little while and I didn’t think much of it until it did it when I accelerated and it almost cut out...
1-6 of 7 Results