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  1. Lighting & Electronics
    Hi guys, I want to upgrade the reflector headlights to the projector ones on my 2004/2005 Honda Civic 5 door hatchback (eu7). I have bought the projector headlights but found that the bulb in the reflector headlight is a h4 bulb, which means the wiring coming from the car is for a h4 connection...
  2. Suspension, Tyres & Wheels
    Just looking to get some upgrades / wheels / springs / seats / and anymore that you can recommend
  3. Braking
    Hello, I have a Honda Civic 1.8 ivtec, 58 reg. In March I had ABS light on and VSA. Went to service for daignosis and the answer was that I have to change front left sensor. I did change it so the lights went off and I have no problems until 2 weeks ago when on my way to work ABS and VSA came up...
  4. Cars for Sale
    Hi everyone, Would anyone be interested in a 1991 Honda Civic EF. Very clean and honest little car. These are coming quite retro and hard to come by in such original condition. I am looking for £1250.00 Any questions, please don't hesitate to message. Thanks Chris.
  5. Honda Civic Discussion
    Hi all, hope all are well just had a question about service pack.. i recently picked up an FK8! Awesome car by the way! i spoke to Honda last week, i gave them my reg! My car does have a service pack on it, he asked me when was the last service, I could not give him that info. As i was at...
  6. Honda Civic Discussion
    Hi everybody, Today I would like to share something about installing 15mm+20mm BONOSS Forged Active Cooling Wheel Spacers for my Honda Civic 10th(FC) with you. My Honda Civic 10th(FC): Chassis model: X (FC) PCD: 5*114.3 mm CB: 64.1 mm Thread: M12*1.5 mm I got them on eBay, took me several days...
1-6 of 8 Results