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honda civic vii coupe (em2) 1.7 i vtec petrol

  1. EM2 Buying Advice?

    7th Gen
    Hi, I am looking at buying a civic em2. The only one I found relatively near me is a 2003 model, the thing which worries me though is that it has 153k miles on it, although it comes with 1 year MOT. The car is cheap but I don't want to spend too much fixing it up. I only do around 3-4k miles a...
  2. Civic VII Coupe (EM2) 1.7 i VTEC Petrol 125 HP EXHAUST SYSTEM MUFFLER

    7th Gen
    Hello all, so im having a bit of a nightmare trying to find a replacement backbox/muffler for the car, doesn't seem like anywhere can find anything similar to fitting. Would anyone have some good ideas on where I could procure one? Any help and advice obviously greatly appreciated!