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  1. Honda Civic Discussion
    Hi Everyone, I've just joined the forum due to an issue with a civic I've recently got. I'm not the most technical with cars as of yet so forgive me lol. Anyway, the issue is there seems to be a squeaking noise coming from my back wheels. It is a really inconsistent noise and only happens...
  2. Lighting & Electronics
    Hi guys, I want to upgrade the reflector headlights to the projector ones on my 2004/2005 Honda Civic 5 door hatchback (eu7). I have bought the projector headlights but found that the bulb in the reflector headlight is a h4 bulb, which means the wiring coming from the car is for a h4 connection...
  3. Honda Civic Discussion
    Thinking of buying a civic EX I-CTDI 2.2ltr, reg 08, 199k miles, has a few toys like sat nav, its up for £850, i want to use it as a 2nd car mainly to go to work. Worth it? Not sure how honda diesels are on high mileage? Cheers
  4. Honda Civic Discussion
    Hello, I've owned a 70k miles EJ9 2000 face lift civic for around 2 months now and it has always had a fairly high clutch which I've gotten used to but did question it's bite height.Also there was a smell inside the car when in fifth gear pushing the car. Anyway the other day i went to drive it...
1-4 of 6 Results