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  1. Wing Mirror

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    Looking for some help I have a Honda Civic 2010, some kind person has kicked off my wing mirror and the bottom case needs replacing, all electrics still work, can anyone guide me where to get this part? Thanks
  2. Pre-purchase inspection fn2

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    Hello All, I'm looking to purchase an fn2 championship White edition and there is one for sale in Birmingham but due to the lockdown I can't go view myself. Can anyone recommend someone local who knows the car to check it over before I buy it? Obviously I can compensate them for their time :)
  3. Clutch Problem

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    Hello, I've owned a 70k miles EJ9 2000 face lift civic for around 2 months now and it has always had a fairly high clutch which I've gotten used to but did question it's bite height.Also there was a smell inside the car when in fifth gear pushing the car. Anyway the other day i went to drive it...