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  1. 7th Gen
    Hi I am missing the second O2 sensor on my 05' Type R and the wiring harness has been cut back flush to the bulkhead. My garage has said I need to locate a harness for them to wire in and connect up the new sensor. can anyone offer suggestions on where I could find one of these harnesses or...
  2. Header, Intake & Exhaust
    I have a 1998 Honda Civic EX 5 speed with about 110K miles on it. I was driving out of a parking lot and I heard a loud thud. It sounded like either I hit something/someone or something big moved around in the trunk. After that my car started running really loud. It's loud when at idle, but...
  3. Header, Intake & Exhaust
    Hi everyone, I’ve had a problem with my 2003 4 door type s’s exhaust. It snapped just after the rear silencer before the bolt, I wanted to upgrade it anyway so I bought a stainless steel one that I believed would fit but unfortunately didn’t. The stock exhaust was rusted out and holed and half...
1-3 of 3 Results