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  1. ECU Tuning & Fuel Management
    Hello. I have stock civic ep2 with d16v1 engine and just got p28 obd1 ecu… can I just buy obd2 to obd1 adapter harness and install it? Will it run okay? I will buy a chip later for it but for now, will it work? Because I heard that obd2 ecus from honda is impossible to tune. I want to remove egr...
  2. 7th Gen
    Sorry in advance. Just realise I shouldn’t have posted this here but struggling to remove the thread Hi everyone. Just got myself an EP2 sport 1.6 With the D16V1 i think. All very new to this so you’ll have to excuse me, wondering if I have a facelift or a pre facelift. Car number plate is...
  3. 7th Gen
    So chaps, anyone here boosted the ep2? what kind of power are you guys making, on the fence about it, and before some genius says get a type r, I would If I could
  4. Exterior
    Hello guys, I am a new member here and am considering to buy (for my girlfriend as her first car) this Civic EP2, which as far as I understand is called 1.6 Sport also… But that front bumper is what makes me nervous. I have searched all over the internet and can’t find another EP2 with this...
  5. Honda Civic Discussion
    Hi Everyone, I've just joined the forum due to an issue with a civic I've recently got. I'm not the most technical with cars as of yet so forgive me lol. Anyway, the issue is there seems to be a squeaking noise coming from my back wheels. It is a really inconsistent noise and only happens...
  6. 7th Gen
    Hello Just wanted to ask a question I’m not sure if it may already been covered just joined the community, I’m thinking of changing my brake discs and pads on my ep2 as they need changing and I’ve found a good price for some ep3 discs, pads and front callipers just wanted to know will ep3...
  7. 7th Gen
    i mounted d16v1 in my eu7. I mounted wiring and control unit and I mounted keys. the machine does not turn on the green key flashes. what should I do?
  8. Interior & In-Car Entertainment
    So I'm away to be buying an ep2 for my first car, needing a little work but the main thing I've been trying to figure out is the drivers window "falls down". The boy claims the glass has just "came off the mechanism" but I'm thinking its most likely the window regulator. Anyone came across a...
  9. 7th Gen
    Hi, I was wondering has anyone ever done a d16y8 or z6 swap on a 01-05 EP2 civic. Sorry if this post does not belong here im a new member.
  10. Braking
    Hi! I have a 2004 Honda Civic Ep2 up for breaking. Absolutely everything is available! All standard parts, no modifications at all. 07443866501 call for more information ☺️
  11. Honda Civic Discussion
    I brought a 2004 Civic EP2 it’s been great until a few days ago.. When accelerating it lags.. it sort of feels like the tyres are spinning but they’re not. Anyways, it’s been doing this for a little while and I didn’t think much of it until it did it when I accelerated and it almost cut out...
  12. 7th Gen
    Hi, i’ve recently bought an ep2 and was just wondering if anybody could give me recommendations on what lowering springs to purchase to drop it about 40mm+
1-12 of 12 Results