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  1. Civic EP2 d16y8 or d16z6 swap

    7th Gen
    Hi, I was wondering has anyone ever done a d16y8 or z6 swap on a 01-05 EP2 civic. Sorry if this post does not belong here im a new member.
  2. 2004 Ep2 breaking

    Hi! I have a 2004 Honda Civic Ep2 up for breaking. Absolutely everything is available! All standard parts, no modifications at all. 07443866501 call for more information ☺️
  3. HELP?!?!

    Honda Civic Discussion
    I brought a 2004 Civic EP2 it’s been great until a few days ago.. When accelerating it lags.. it sort of feels like the tyres are spinning but they’re not. Anyways, it’s been doing this for a little while and I didn’t think much of it until it did it when I accelerated and it almost cut out...
  4. Honda Civic ep2 1.6 sport

    7th Gen
    Hi, i’ve recently bought an ep2 and was just wondering if anybody could give me recommendations on what lowering springs to purchase to drop it about 40mm+