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  1. Wanted
    I am looking for a motor for the front windscreen of my 1996 Honda Civic - does anyone have one for sale please? No idea on price so I have entered 5 as it has to have something.
    £5 GBP
  2. 6th Gen
    I recently purchased a type r front and rear lip for my 2000 Civic hatchback and because I'm a bit of a noobie I was wondering if I should paint it or leave it unpainted. I was wanting it black, which unpainted it is, but I was wondering if there are any benefits (other than for looks) if I...
  3. Photos & Videos
    Hi new here Have owned two of these currently got a 2.0 petrol Looking to get a 2.2 diesel version Any comments regarding the dtec vs cdti engine and any usual and common faults Many thans Lenny
  4. Parts for Sale
    Hi I am selling my Darton Mid Sleeves for a B18c 400-180-C They are in excellent unused condition and in their original packaging. We can also post to UK AND IRELAND
  5. Interior & In-Car Entertainment
    So I have just taken my car to a Honda Dealership who cannot find the serial number for my head unit. They said they dont know the combination of buttons to press to get it to show. Can anyone help? Head unit is this one below...
  6. Honda Civic Discussion
    Hoping (praying) someone has had this issue before and knows the answer as I've currently taken this reoccurring issue to 4 garages (one honda direct) and had no luck at all! Car seems to periodically flash up these 4 lights whilst driving and sends car into limp mode, no issues with driving...
  7. Honda Civic Discussion
    Good evening it’s Jake from GM Tyres in Bolton (the one with the massive fiesta st following) it’s a weird turn this but I’ve always been a Honda boy. First car I was in was an mc2 with a b18 in it. Anyway you lot don’t care about my back story haha. But I’ve got an idea I’m weighing up and it’s...
  8. Lighting & Electronics
    Hi all Hoping somebody can help my dad has a 64 plate civic and he told me his civic isn't spraying water out the jets to clear the windscreen anymore. We've checked the jets are clear,topped washer fluid up, checked the 15amp fuse is ok,we can hear the pump (I think) trying to get the water...
  9. Engine
    Hi I was just wondering if I was going to engine swap My 1991 civic what should i go for...I'm a beginner and want something easy but still with a bit of power and VTEC..The civic currently has a 75 hp that engine any good? And also wondering if its reliable since I am just after...
  10. Lighting & Electronics
    I have a UK spec (RHD) Civic 1.5i LS, 6 Gen, 16V, Vtec, Petrol, Manual, FASTBACK 5d, which recently needed both CV joints replacing. Having finished drivers side CV replacement I went to start it but it would only crank, not fire. Checked fuses, spark, fuel filter and fuel prime, after a LOT of...
  11. Braking
    Hi, I own a Civic Jordan and I need to replace the brake callipers but I can’t find any replacements anywhere so I’m assuming they’re not manufactured anymore. Has anyone had this issue too? Just wondering if anyone’s overcome this issue and what callipers they purchased. Cheers Bradley
1-11 of 13 Results