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  1. Exterior
    I just bought myself my first car; a blue 2015 1.6 i-Dtec Honda Civic Sport 5dr (facelift). Mentally i am still a little kid, so i would love to have some fun with the car and make it my own. Does anyone have any tips? I've been thinking about: Wind deflectors Front lip New rims Led strips...
  2. Honda Civic Discussion
    Hoping (praying) someone has had this issue before and knows the answer as I've currently taken this reoccurring issue to 4 garages (one honda direct) and had no luck at all! Car seems to periodically flash up these 4 lights whilst driving and sends car into limp mode, no issues with driving...
  3. Engine
    I have a 62 plate Honda Civic I-VTEC 1.8. It is going in for a full service soon and I am wondering if the spark plugs need changing. It has done just under 28,000 miles. Would the original spark plugs that are in the vehicle already be iridium or standard spark plugs? And what is best?
1-3 of 3 Results