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  1. ECU Tuning & Fuel Management
    Hello. I have stock civic ep2 with d16v1 engine and just got p28 obd1 ecu… can I just buy obd2 to obd1 adapter harness and install it? Will it run okay? I will buy a chip later for it but for now, will it work? Because I heard that obd2 ecus from honda is impossible to tune. I want to remove egr...
  2. Honda Civic Discussion
    Hi Guys, New Member! I hav a EP2 and it’s been with a mechanic for over 2 weeks now, was driving it for 2 days.. until it’s gone into some sort of limp mode? Suddenly it started running Rich then then engine management light come on, immobiliser light and then the EPS light.. the temperature...
  3. Lighting & Electronics
    Hi. A few weeks back my car developed a fault with an immobiliser. I drove the car regularly and the battery never went flat. Overnight my car developed the following fault. In the morning my fob could not open the car I used the key on the driver's side and it opened the driver's side door...
  4. Honda Civic Discussion
    Hi there My son has a Mk7 Civic, and we want to try and clean the old grease from the steering rack and re-grease. The securing bands for the Rack Gaiter seem difficult to get and including the delivery rather expensive. Can any one comment on the use of wide zip ties as an alternative...
  5. 7th Gen
    Hi I was just wondering if these 2003 accord side skirts would fit my 2002 em2?
1-5 of 5 Results