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General Information

This car has only 1 previous owner before me, and has only been driven a total of 48000 miles, and the original owner drove it for 44000 miles. He was an old bloke and used it during retirement in the Dorset and Hampshire countryside. I have owned it since Feb 2013, and have driven it around 3000 miles mostly on airport runs to heathrow and gatwick, and around Bournemouth, Poole, and Christchurch areas on a social / pleasure basis only.

The car had a large crack on the left side of the rear bumper, and some rust bubbles on the sunroof when I had purchased it. I immediately took care of those at a local bodyshop, the crack was repaired and the bumper was resprayed, and the rust was treated and removed and the entire sunroof was resprayed.

The car at the moment has only 2 small defects on the bodywork - a tiny fingerprint sized dent on the passenger wheel arch, and what it seems an old tiny scratch / dent on the rear bumper which was resprayed over. Both are hardly visible, the car is immaculate inside and out. About 2 or 3 months ago, I could hear the factory spec exhaust blowing on the car everywhere i drove it.

I took the car to a local garage, who examined the exhaust box and was told that rust had formed on the inside and broken the silencer. A new exhaust box / tailpipe was bought to replace the damaged one, so although not a Honda part, it does the exact same thing and cost me a lot less money.

Over the time that I have had this car since Feb 2013, I have paid for an MOT which has which first failed due to the CV Boot Gator being damaged and and an issue with the driveshaft of the car. Both problems were fixed, and the MOT has now passed with no advisories and ends in August 2014. The car's tax has been paid and ends in January 2014. The car has been put through a full service in August 2013 and has had it's timing belt replaced with a new genuine Honda part. I have also had a certified Cobra installer install a custom fit manual operation Cobra Cat 2 immobilizer to the car, as I was unhappy with it not having a factory fitted one and wanted peace of mind that if someone where to try and steal it, they would have a lot of bad luck trying. The car also sits inside a locked garage and has a steering wheel lock on it at all times, and the ultrasonic factory spec alarm is working and is always used.

The car's air con does not appear to ever have had a service from the documentation i have, however it is quite cold on the lowest setting and feels fine so I have not invested in a service for that yet.

The car has 100% full and complete service documentation since it's day of registration way back in 1994 inside the original Honda Civic logbook / service book. I decided to continue that legacy of the car by having it serviced and repaired at Horizon Honda, Poole, Dorset. The car has clearly been taken care of greatly by Honda around this area and I did not want to risk taking it to a cheaper independant garage who may or may not do an excellent job on the car. The car has 2 sets of keys, 2 sets of immobilizer keys, the service book, service invoices all complete, an atlas, a driver's guide, a vehicle instruction manual, and radio codes, and is security registered at the time of registration.
1994 Honda Civic (Green)


D15B2 engine

1992–1995 Honda Civic LSi Hatch/Saloon (European Market)
Displacement: 1,493 cc (91.1 cu in)
Bore and Stroke: 75 mm × 84.5 mm (3.0 in × 3.33 in)
Rod Length: 134 mm
Compression: 9.2:1
Power: 92 hp (69 kW) at 6,000 rpm (US)
90 PS (66 kW) at 6,000 rpm (Europe)[11]
Torque: 88 lb·ft (12.2 kg/m, 119 Nm) at 4,700 rpm
Valvetrain: SOHC (4 valves per cylinder)
Cam Gear: 38 tooth
Piston Code: PM3
Fuel Control: OBD-O DPFI and OBD-1 MPFI
Redline: 6,500 rpm, 7,200 rpm rev limiter
Head Code: PM5
ECU Code: PM5/P04

*** More images coming of the engine ***
Cobra Cat 2 custom fitted manual operation immobilizer.
custom fit Sony CDX stereo. I do have the original radio for the car stashed away, but had to be taken out because it stopped working. I could only get a signal from AM and foreign stations - FM was not working. I tested the old stereo cassette player with a signal booster, assuming it might be a problem with the aerial but it still did not work. In the end fitting the newer Sony stereo CD player, the radio works fine on all stations and bandwidths.
Suspension is all good. Car absorbs bumps nicely. Car is never driven over potholes unless necessary (i.e. cannot yield far enough to avoid them with oncoming traffic).

*** More images coming of the suspension ***
Wheel and Tire
Hankook tyres on all 4 wheels, all were fitted the same time and have the same level of trim and have plenty of life left in them.

*** More images coming of wheels and tyres ***



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